Interview with Benjamin Marks – PFS2012

Benjamin Marks was one of the speakers this year. Benjamin is the editor of and Capitalism.HK. Last year he hosted a Mises seminar in Australia with Professor Hoppe and this year he will host a seminar with Professor Block. Besides being a great writer you will never find a conversation with Benjamin boring, he is always full of fun ideas and stories, it is the kind of person you talk to get more inspiration.

In this interview we talk about what PFS is for Benjamin and what he has learned from it and about one of his intellectual favourites H.L. Mencken. He also tell us about the amazing Neville Kennard a vivid PFS supporter that passed away this year but Benjamin tell us about how he stayed an enemy to the state to the bitter end. Benjamin tells us everything about his work at and Capitalism.HK and gives us a quick lesson in the “shit-stirring” business. Benjamin is a fantastic and fun writer; he is capable to put forth arguments in a very smart and different way I urge everyone to read his articles at I thank Benjamin for his time to do this interview and you have to admire his fantastic Turkish-style costume.

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