Interview with Helio Beltrão – PFS2012

Mr Helio Beltrão is the President and one of the founders of Mises Brasil. I met Helio three years ago and he inspired us to start Helio continues to be a very close friend and ally in the struggle for freedom. Mises Brasil and Mises Sweden has very close ties and I hope we will continue to have this for many years to come. In this interview Helio tell us about many good things that are happening with Mises Brasil, about PFS and his personal background in the financial industry. So I give you this very nice and relaxed interview with Mr Helio Beltrão recorded somewhere outside Bodrum Turkey on the Aegean Sea on what is known as “Bad Boyz Boat II”.

Sorry for the background noise but it just a bunch of very nice libertarians having the time of their life!

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