Lo, there do I see my father

Today the angels will cry. One of the few heroes in the world has passed away. I have never met Neville but when I read this I was looking forward to meet him. Read what Janer Baykal and Benjamin Marks has written:
“When I first met Nev, two years ago, we were sitting at a table with a politician — it is not important which politician it was, because they all would have behaved the same. The small-talk consisted of an exchange of names and titles, then Nev asked the politician, “What does it feel like to be a tax consumer and not do anything productive?” Nev cut short the politician’s reply with, “So you’re a collectivist and you don’t believe in self-ownership!?” And that was the end of the conversation.”

I know that a lot of people at the Property and Freedom Society will miss one of their closest brothers tonight. I know that Benjamin Marks will carry on his legacy. From your brothers in the north at the Ludwig von Mises Institutet i Sverige I just I have thing to say:
“Lo, there do I see my father.
Lo, there do I see my mother,
and my sisters, and my brothers.
Lo, there do I see the line of my people,
Back to the beginning!

Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them,
In the halls of Valhalla!
Where the brave may live forever!”
― The Viking Prayer.”

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