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Är ett uttalande av Charles T. Sprading

Humane men look forward to the day when all of the aggressive and violent parts of the government will cease and only the defensive part remain. ”But,” say men like Tucker, ”that will be the end of government.” Very well, let what he calls government go. ”But how will you abolish it?” will be asked. It may be answered by asking another: How was slavery abolished? Was it abolished by all the people going into the slave-owning business? Certainly not. It was abolished because the people disliked it and opposed it; because they would not support the business and the people in the business. So it will be with government, or that part of it that is not protective, but invasive; when the people withdraw their support from it, when they oppose it and refuse to pay taxes, when they refuse to go to war, refuse to accept office to enforce unjust laws, then the end will come, and a voluntary co-operative society of free people will take its place, and nothing of the invasive nature of the State will remain.

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